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Wooden Mailboxes – Uniquely Identify Your Home

Times have changed and so have the designs of the mailboxes, but it is quite apparent that wooden mail boxes stand out from the others. The rich classical looks with carvings done by expert craftsmen today are different from the simple wood mailboxes... Read more!

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Wooden Mailboxes

Wooden mailboxes can be of various types but basically they can be categorized as simple or decorated intricately. The decoration on a wooden mailbox is limitless and can be found in many styles. Although metal and plastic mail boxes have entered the... Read more!

Latest Wooden Mailboxes Reviews

Solar Group Red Cedar Classic Log Cabin Wood Mailbox Review

Looking for a design classic log cabin wood mailbox – the Red Cedar Classic Cover Rural Mailbox by Solar Group may be the perfect choice. The CC1R0000 Red Cedar Classic – curb side design – made... Read more!

Step2 543600 MailMaster TimberLine Plus Mailbox Review

Looking for wooden mailboxes? – The TimberLine Plus Mailbox may be the ideal one for your home. The 543600 MailMaster TimberLine Plus Mailbox – with ground-post (4×4 post compatible) – hardware... Read more!

Wooden Barn Mailbox with Newspaper Holder – a relic from the past

The Wooden Barn Mailbox with Newspaper Holder gives your home garden and driveway an authentic and traditional touch which is missing in the modern mailbox. Do not be under the impression that they will... Read more!

Solar Group Cedar Wrap Mailbox – for a Traditional Look

The Solar Group is a well known hardware producing company which has been operating since the past fifty years. Their high quality wood mailbox products known for durability and strength are popular in... Read more!

Hand Painted Wooden School House Mailbox

Although many styles of mailboxes made of materials like plastic and steel are floating in the market today, the Hand Painted School House Wooden Mailbox holds its place as an important housing for letters,... Read more!